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[GUIDE] - Why You Should Take Cialis Every Day
[ Why You Should Take Cialis Every Day ]

Taking Cialis (10 mg, but if you want you can take another dosage) has tremendous benefits on healt, not only for sexual health:

  • Conversion of White Fat into Brown Fat: white fat is the stored subcutaneus fat (the one that make us look fat), brown fat is the fat used as fuel for energy, so more brown fat instead of white we have, more we will be shradded.
  • Decrease Blood Pressure.
  • Boost in Nitric Oxide Production: nitric oxide protect heart health against aging (older we became, less nitric oxide we product) and against the muscles loss because of that. Nitric Oxide increases the number of satellite cells and their activity, this means more muscle growth.
  • Decrease Inflammation: very significant drop in CRP (C-reactive protein) and VSAM (Vascular Cell Adehison Molecule) and prevent the plack build up in arteries, decrease inflammation is very import to prevent arteriosclerosis and hearth disease to prevent cancer. Furthermore, more you reduce inflammation, faster you recover, so more you reduce inflammation more frequently / with more intesnity / volume you can wrokout.
  • Improved Blood Flow and Enhanced Nutrient Delivery to muscles.
  • Restoration of normal Erectile Dysfunction (not caused by anxiety) with daily Cialis usage.
  • Cialis raises Testosterone by altering the Testosterone verus Estrogen Ratio (Antiestrogen activity)
And most importantly your body will not desensitize to cialis, so you can take it every day with max effect.

[Image: cialis-sex-health-benefit-erection-dysfu...inflam.jpg]

[Image: cialis-sex-health-benefit-erection-dysfu...inflam.jpg]

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When you write 10mg, do you mean citrate or not citrate?
(12-24-2017, 11:10 AM)ginkgo Wrote: When you write 10mg, do you mean citrate or not citrate?

For real, I never heard about citrate, I mean just traditional Cialis.

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