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[GUIDE] - TRT: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Studies on testosterone … all point to a simple conclusion. I don't mean to be crude, but it appears that testosterone basically has two, and only two, major drives: fuck it or kill it.

And males are saddled with this biological nightmare almost from day one, a nightmare women can barely imagine (except when they are given testosterone injections for medical purposes, which drives them nuts. As one woman put it, "I can't stop thinking about sex. Please, can't you make this stop?")

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic storid. Is incredibly important for the physical and mental health of a person. In some cases a male can be deficent in testosterone, this is a terrible thing, because low testosterone causes a shitload of side effects, like depression, erectile dysfunction, low libido, brain fog, loss of muscles, osteoporosis and a bunch of nasty stuff. If you have low testosterone because of stress, junk food, the end of a love story, lack of physical excercise etc. don't take any injectable form of testosterone, otherwise you will completely shut down your natural production of testosterone with the risk to be dependent for the rest of your life to the injections of these drugs. Take an holyday, start to eat healty foods, start to workout, go to prostitutes or find a way to fix this problems without the injection of exogenous testosterone. But there are case in wich your natural testoster levels are shutted down and you haven't any hope to fix in other way than injections, this is the case of hypogonadism. I'm writing this guide to help to treat hypogonadism with TRT, testosterone replacement therapy.

This is the best way to treat hypogonadism with testosterone replacement therapy:

  • 100 or 125 mg of Testosterone Cypionate two times per week: 200 or 250 mg of testosterone per week, doing two injections instead of one will maintein your level of testosterone stable, giving you better sensations and less emotional swings. Testosterone Cypionate has an half-life of 7 days, but some people metabolize this drugs faster, and doing only one injection per week can let these people with low levels of testosterone for a couple of days. Furthermore the blood levels of testosterone have a peak 24 hour after the injection, and start to fading down after that time, so doing two shots per week it's a good way to don't let your level floating too much.
  • Anastrazole (an Aromatase inhibitor drug) 0.25 mg after every injection: increase the dose if your start to feel the side effects of high estrogen like puffy and sensible nipples, excessive water retention, excessive emotionality, erectile dysfunction and low libido, or lower the dose if you start to feel the side effects of low estrogen like weakness, brain fog, low libido, inability to cum, erectile dysfunction, the need to pee too frequently etc. Estrogen must be keep in check because having them too high or to low can cause nasty side effects. The estrogen are created by the aromatase, the conversion of testosterone. If you just take testostere by itself there is the risk that it will converte too much into estrogen, with all the consequences.
  • Use whatever syringe you want, with 23 G or 25 G needeles, the minimum lenght for a needle is 2.5 cm (1 inch).
  • The best and easiest muscles in wich inject Testosterone are buttocks, quads and delts, but if are good enough you can inject Testosterone in every muscle you want. Don't inject in the same muscle, but switch every time.
Do a Blood Test every 6 month to control your levels fo testosterone, estrogen, cholesterol and to check that everything is doing well with your health, otherwise go to doctor to fix any problems (hoping that your doctor is competent).

N.B. Some countries have fixed protocols for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, like 250 mg once per month, that is fucking stupid, but I'll leave to you how to solve this, good luck my friend.


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