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[DRUGS] - OMEGA LEVEL MUTANTS: Best Drugs for Penis Enlargement

This is a list of the best Drugs and supplement for Penis Enlargement:

  • CIALIS: look at mu guide here: , Cialis improve blood flow, and will make you healing faster and gain size faster, furthermore will boost your erection quality (and usually better the erection quality, greater the gains).
  • VIAGRA: same as Cialis, last less, but is far more powerfull, Girth Session with Viagra will give you the best expension you will ever feel.
  • TESTOSTERONE AND OTHER ANDROGENS: Will boost you erection quality by a lot, furthermore these drugs will boost your determination, but the best aspect is that Testosterone, Trenbolone etc will increase the number of your red cells, this means more blood, andmore blood means a fuller Penis, and fuller fuller the penis longer and thicker the penis. N.B. Penis has a lot of androgen receptor, but andrognes seem to increase your size only during puberty, after that age is unlikely that they increase in active way (except for a small part of population, in this case Andraxtim, a Testosterone based gel is the ideal), but they make you healing faster so indirectly they will help you to gain more size.
  • HGH and IGF: Human Grow Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor cause hyperplasia, an increase in the number of cells caused by cell proliferation, and more cells of course means a greater cock! Stories of bodybuilder to wich it is grown cock are frequently.


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