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  • CHEW: the more you chew, the easier will be your digestion. Another great way is to blend everything (this can be especially good with fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink Aplle Cider Vinegar: this will make your stomach to produce more gastric juices and in egneral will improve your diugestion (vinegar also lower the glycemic index of food and boost the insuin sensivity of muscles, so is always a god idea to take it). Another good choice can be Lemon.
  • Use various spices and foods that can improve digestion: Garlic, black pepper and red pepper are really usefull to improve digestion.
  • Do not eat food your ar intolerant to. Common foods to wich people are intolerant are gluten and lactose.
  • Take probiotics to improve te gut bacteria. Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, korean chi mi, kefir ecc... have probiotics. Another great idea to improve the gut bacteria is to stop taking drugs like antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs if you don't need them and eat a lot of vegetables. Fuirthermore also taking omega 3 (fish oil), zinc, magnesium and vitamin D are beneficiala to gut bacteria.
  • Some foods can be hard to digest, but you can ease the digestion of theem with the cooking. For example if you have troubles to digest some vegetables try to cook them.
  • Lower your stress and inflammation: try to focus on splee and recover. Stress can be destructive to the health of your gut bacteria and consequently of your digestion.
  • Eat resistent starch: this will help anti-inflammatory flore to proliferate.
  • Try to fast: try to fast for half o fa day or even for an entire day to restore your digestive system.

Improve digestion is extremely beneficial. Better the digestion, higher the amount of nutrients absorbed by muscles instead of fat, higher the level of energy, and in general the sense of wellness.

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