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[BUILD] - KING OF THE ASHES: The Best Max Level Melee Build

I would burn this world if I could sit on a Throne of Ash.

N.B all the listed AR are at max level.


  • Thorne Set: not great defences, but can damage the enemies while rolling, is a little damage, nonetheless is damage, and is buffed by spells and ring.
[Image: thornf.jpg]

  • Havel Set: Greatest defences overall the armors.
[Image: havelf.jpg]


Right Hand:
  • Sellswords Twinblades: best damage per second-DPS of all weapons, in addition being a twinblades made the elemental buffs be doubled, 663 AR two-handed (one-handed is shit); or Hollow Broadsword: less damage than sellsword twinblads but is a little bit faster, 557 AR one-handed (two handed is shit AF)
  • Sorcerer Court Staff: light and can be use to cast hidden body to run to the bosses without losing times with common enemies.
Left Hand:
  • Yorshka's Chime: Most Powerfull M'siracle Catalyst (Highest Spell Buff, 251).
  • Old Wolf curved Sword: boost the attack and give you a regen buff after some consecutive attacks. Kepp in your off hand during fight while you two wield Sellsword Twinblades.

  • Pontiff Right Eye: boosts attacks with consecutive hits (like Old Wolf Curved Sword) .
  • Lightning / Magic Clutch Ring: boost Lightning / Magic damage (when you use lightning blade use lightning ring, when you use Darkmoon Blade use magic ring).
  • Lloyd's sword ring: boosts attacks by 10% at  Full HP.
  • Lingering dragoncrest Ring +2: extends the effect of spell by 40%.
  • Hidden Body: make you invisible so you can run to the bosses without losing time with normal enemies.
  • Deep protection: Boosts Attacks by 5%, damage absorption by 10, increase resistences by 20 and increases stamina regeneration by +3 per second.
  • Sacred Oath: Boosts Attacks by 10%, Damage Absorption by 10, 
  • Lightning Blade: buffs your weapon with the power of Ligthning, 0.96 * (Spell Buff)
  • Darkmoon Blade: buffs your weapon with the power of Magic, 0.96 * (Spell Buff)

How to fight:
  • With Yorshka's Chima cast in order: Deep Protection, Sacred Oath and buff Sellsword Twinblades with Lightning Blade (versus all enemies besides enemies with high lightning resistence like Dragonslayer Armorour and Nameless King) or Darkmoon Blade (versus enemies with high lightning resitence). Then change Yorshka' chime with Old Wolf Curved Sowrd and dual-wield Sellsword Twinblade. Attack with L1 till the victory.

Ω The Sun Breaking. Greet the New Day. Ω

Littlefinger sends his Regards.

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