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[WORKOUT] - PAIN: How to lose fat as fast as possible.
[ PAIN ]

Sometimes you must HURT in order to KNOW, FALL in order to GROW, LOSE in order to GAIN, 

because life's greatest lessons are learned through PAIN."

This is the ultimate workout to lose fat. To lose fat we must do exercise to produce lactic acid, because more lactic acid we produce, more HGH (Human Growth Hormone) our body will produce and gh will make you lose fat as fast as you can. Someone thinks that if you want to lose fat you must burn calories, but that is not completely true, hormone profile is way more important whne we speak about losing fat or put on muscle. Of course you must combine this workout with a proper diet, tahta can is a high fat low carb or a low fat ad carbs enough not to full your glycogen stores more than 90%. It's also important to choose the right carbs, so no sugar but low IG carbs, better if eaten with slow digestion meet like beef, however i will write a guide about that also, so now le's concentrate on the workout.

Day 1:

4x15 Bench Press 30" rest
4x15 Overhead Press 30" rest
4x15 Dips 30" rest

Day 2: 
4x15 Pronated Pull Up 30" rest (it's unlike taht you will be able to do this, so start with a 4x3 and add a rep as soon as you can complete all the sets).
4x15 Supinated Chin Up 30" rest
4x15 Neutral Grip Pull UP
4x15 Garhammer Raise

Day 3:
4x15 Squat 30" rest
4x15 Romanian Deadlitf 30" rest
4x15 Shrugs 30 rest

Day 4: like Day 1
Day 5: like Day 2
Day 6: like Day 3
Day 7: Rest

Start with ligh weights and when you are able to complete all sets add the minimum weight you can (like 1 pound or 0.5 Kg), and so on. Remember, continue to lift more weight is reallty important to make our body react and produce even more lactic acid.

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