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[BUILD] - WRATH: Dark Souls 2 Best Max Level Melee Build

"That is what it means to be the Fuhrer"

N.B all the listed AR are at max level except for Vitality that you must have at 14 to have the max equip load less than 60.0 and the max buff from Flynn's Ring.


  • Completely naked beside for the Engraved Gauntlets: rare chance (15%) that normal attacks become critical hits (with 1.5x damage). The other armor pieces are almost useless, becuase they will decrese your stamina regen and have almost useless defences (especially on NG+ and beyond).
  • Ricard's Rapier + 10: extremely fast, little stamina consumption, very light, do thurst damage so can be buffed by Old Leo Ring and at 99 DEX and STR has the highest damage of al rapiers.
  • Black Witch's Staff + 10: can cast miracles, sorceries and hexes so you will be able to buff yourself with sacred oath and and elemental buff (it depends by enemy's weakness)
  • Old Leo Ring: Boosts Counter Modifier of thrust attacks by 12.5% (you will do more damage on counter attack with Ricard's Rapier)
  • Ring Of Blades +2:  Physical Attack +50
  • Flynn's Ring: Physical Attack +50 with max equip load under 60.0
  • Chloranthy Ring: Increases Stamina recovery speed by 25% (you can also use a clutch ring to have a little elemental damage buff)
  • Sacred Oath: Increases physical attack damage by 50
  • Crystal Magic Weapon: (TotalAR x 0.3) + 5 = Magic Buff
  • Sunlight Blade: (TotalAR x 0.3) + 5 = Lightning Buff
  • Resonant Weapon: (TotalAR x 0.35) + 5 = Dark Buff

Cast Sacred Oath, then buff your weapon with elemental damage (it depoends on enemy's weakness, usually resonant weapon is stronger), two-hand Ricard's Rapier and attack till victory.

"The moment a soldier dons his uniform, he accepts that he might be buried in it."

[ King Bradley sends his Regards ]

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