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What do you think about GDP?

You could start with things like average hours worked, average disposable income, and access to health care and education that combined would approximate a quality of life metric. If that metric was rising, then I doubt any one would complain if some corporate exec made millions in stock options because their life was getting better too.

Please help.

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Usually people never understand how economy work. And usually people blame the wrong people or the wrong mechanics for all the nasty stuff the are happening in our society. By the way yes, higher the quality of life, lessere the people will complein about corparations that are making millions. The goverment, by the way, can let the big business make millions over the national interest, even if the people doesn't care, because people hardly understand economy. There were some neo liberist theorist who suggested the universal income to made people incapable to rebel. The minimum sense of wellness sometimes is perfectly able to stop people from protesting, this can be a huge a risk, because we can assist at the triumph of few companies over nation states, so no matter how big is the wellness is in a country, the goverment must always think about rise it doing the national interest, even in contrast to big business.

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